EDTC 631: Brains


  • Course: Montessori Kindergarten Science
  • Target Audience: Kindergarten
  • Essential Questions: How do you make a volcano erupt?

Final – WebQuest

    • Course:Science
    • Target Audience: Second Grade
    • Essential Questions: What makes dinosaurs unique given the various attributes (Habitat, Friends, Food)?
    • Teacher Page

EDTC 632: Technology and Stories to Teach Curriculum

  • Course: Science
  • Target Audience: Kindergarten
  • Essential Question: What is gravity and what does it do to objects on Earth compared to objects in space?
  • UDL Project

EDTC 633: Tools for Data

EDTC 635: Tools for Visualizing Information

  • Course:
  • Target Audience: Kindergarten to Second Grade
  • Essential Questions:  How to incorporate STEM, SAMR, and PowerPoint into the classroom?

EDTC 620: Assistive Technology


EDTC 621: Instructional Design

EDTC 710: Tools for the Development of Instruction


Calendar TD


Elevator Speech

Backward Design


Flow Chart

Parts of Speech- Lesson Plan

Mid-semester rubric 

Buddy Checks

Beta Test Form

Scaffolding Project

Final Project:

  • Course: English
  • Target Audience: Kindergarten- second grade
  • Essential Question: What are the different Parts of Speech: Noun, Verb, and Adjective?