Backward Design

                                                                                    BACKWARD DESIGN TEMPLATE

Identify Desired Results

What overarching understandings are desired? What are the overarching “essential” questions?
  • The students will be able to understand the different Parts of Speech including: Noun, Verb, and Adjective
  • The students will be able to show what they learned in a technology based way using different software programs to explain their project to their peers
  • Students will use different Multiple Intelligences in order to broaden their understanding of the Parts of Speech
  • Define, analyze, ad interpret the different parts of speech
  • What are the different Parts of Speech and how would you define their role in a sentence?
What will students understand as a result of this unit? What “Essential” and “Unit” Questions will focus this unit?
  • By understanding the different parts of speech, the students will be able to apply their knowledge to various pieces of technology and software.
  • Students will have a firmer understanding of grammar and the application of technology while using grammar.
  • They will express their ideas, thoughts, and understanding in a journal, through a PowerPoint, and by doing a class chart.
  • Name the different Parts of Speech
  • What is a noun, verb, and adjective?
  • Can you use them in a sentence?
  • Can you use visuals to show your class what they are?


Determine Acceptable Evidence
What evidence will show that students understand?

Performance, Tasks, Projects

  • Learning the song that comes with each lesson
  • Class chart to define the different parts of speech
  • Research using online search tools what the different Parts of Speech area
  • Apply visual to text connection: finding clipart that relates to that certain Part of Speech and discuss it with the class
  • Creating a PowerPoint on the information they learned
  • Creating songs and a play related to verbs


Quizzes, Tasks, Academic Prompts
  • Assessment online
  • Parts of Speech: Asteroid Game
  • Class Chart
  • PowerPoint Presentation


Other Evidence
(e.g. observations, work samples, dialogues)
Student Self-Assessment
  • Journals
  • Observing the way the students work with each other
  • How they choose who does what task
  • How they work with different job tasks
  • Learning and sharing the song
  • PowerPoint Project
  • Classroom chart
Plan Learning Experience and instruction
Given the targeted understandings, other unit goals, and the assessment evidence identified, what knowledge and skills are needed?
Students will need to know… Students will need to be able to…
·         How to access and work with PowerPoint

·         The differences between a Noun, Verb, and Adjective

·         Sentence structure, punctuation, sounding out words

·         Present their understandings of the different Parts of Speech to the class

·         Identify and interpret the meaning of Noun, Verb, and Adjective

·         Be able to create a PowerPoint explaining the different Parts of Speech and provide examples

·         Know and sing the Parts of Speech song

What teachings and learning experiences will equip students to demonstrate the targeted understandings?
  • Students will stand on a dot on the circle
  • I will begin by having them pass around a smartboard pen and ask follow up questions such as: “What color is this? What does it look like? What do you think it is used for?”
  • Once the students are able to answer that it is smartboard pen I would ask them to repeat the questions I asked, “What color is this? What does it look like? What do you think it is used for?”
  • I would explain to them that color is an adjective, pen is a noun, and writing is a verb and bring up the BrainPOP Jr.
  • The students will watch the educational video on what a noun, verb, and adjective are
  • I will introduce what a keyboard and monitor are and explain that this is what we will be using in order to complete this project
  • Students will be put into groups and over the course of the week use various tool to research what a noun, verb, and adjective
  • After the students have finished their research I will help them to create their PowerPoint presentations.
  • We will do a step by step introduction and once the child gets the feel for it they may work individually on their project
  • The students will need to present the song they learned as well as the PowerPoint Project