Unit Design Consideration

  Questions for Teacher Responses from the Teacher


How will you help students know where they are headed and why (e.g. major assignments, performance tasks, and the criteria by which the work will be judged?) The students will be filling a chart in as a class to help decipher the differences between Noun, Adjective, and Verb

The students will learn different songs created by Ms. Liz about Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives

The students will create a PowerPoint project

The students will record ideas in their journals including pictures of the parts of speech

Students will be taking two different tests to see where they are



How will you hook the students through engaging and thought-provoking experiences (issues, oddities, problems, and challenges); that point toward essential and unit questions, core ideas and performance tasks? BrainPOPJr. on Parts of Speech

Design a parts of speech play, song, act out

Putting the students into group so they have the support of their peers to research, answer questions, and present their findings to their class



What learning experiences will engage students in exploring the big ideas and essential and unit questions? What instruction is needed to equip students for the final performances? They will experience the idea of researching, gathering data, and applying it to what they are learning about

Students can partake in charades to have other students guess what they are and which part of speech they are acting out

The students will need to be aware of their topics, their task, and the results from their conclusions: What methods and pieces of technology did they use to solve the problems and create solutions? (PowerPoint, google, educational videos )

What specifically did they notice that helped reassure them of the meaning of the different Parts of Speech



How will you cause students to reflect and rethink to dig deeper into the core ideas? How will you guide students in revising and refining their work based on feedback and self-assessment? The students are to document their research and findings in their journal.

The students are responsible for finding the meaning behind a noun, verb, and adjective

I will observe their research, interpretation, and understanding in order to have them better develop an understanding for the Parts of Speech


Students will be given guidance and feedback based on their notes and their presentations



How will students exhibit their understanding through final performances and products? How will you guide them in self-evaluation to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their work and set future goals? Students are required to present a PowerPoint presentation to show their knowledge and understanding of the different Parts of Speech

They will present their documentation in their journals and welcome feedback from the teacher and classmates

Students will take two different tests on the computer to test their knowledge and understanding

Students will be assessed on how well they work in a group environment, including their contribution to the project(s)